Wedding Photography Workshop


As a professional wedding photographer, I have to invest time and money into my photography education and practice during the weekday. I think that is primordial.

On the 23rd May, I attended this all day practical wedding photography workshop with Adam Riley as a tutor and organized by

The morning was all about his wedding photography business and it was packed with very useful information. He kindly shared his wedding day workflow of his typical wedding day. You could always read a lot of books about weddings photography, there are 10 to the penny but listening to someone sharing his own experience had much more impact and added to my own experience, I picked up a couple of very useful information.

I believe that what a good investment of my time and money.

We spent the afternoon on a shooting time with a lovely model couple. She wore a beautiful wedding dress and he was all dressed up with a boutonniere. We used two locations, The Church of the Holy Spirit in Clapham and at the nearby park  Clapham Common. You can view my google map where I pinned the different location of my photo shoot.

In the church, it was the perfect time to push the limit of the material and mine!

Under the guidance of Adam, we shot some key images such as the bride walking down the aisle. That was the opportunity to practice the different Shutter speed/ ISO combination with the 70-200m f2.8 at the 200mm focal length handheld without VR (Vibration Reduction)!

Then we headed to the nearby park where Adam guided us into finding a great spot to get some portraits by using foliage of the nearby tree and getting images that are more creative. Do not hesitate to lie on the ground to get the shot too I had to get low to get my favorite shot of the day.

Using the sky as a background, made it perfect to get a very clean shot!

Here are few images of the day.

Groom waiting at the Chuch
Documentary Wedding style
Candid Portrait Bride
Church of Holy Spirit
Candid Photo Bride and Groom
Close up portrait of the wedding couple.
Portrait Wedding Couple
Storytelling Wedding Photography

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