Hen Party Photography


After the fantastic pre-wedding photo session, it was up to the Hen do party to get documented! Of course, the bride to be had no idea what was waiting for her. I met the group at Waterloo station where they expected her to go through as she was made to believe that she was going on a weekend to the countryside! Oops….. 🙂

I don’t think photos need more wordings; they show Friendship, Love, and Fun. The Hen do party was awesome to photograph.

hen party London
Hen Party photo London
Hen Party image London
Hen Party Photographer London
Candide and relax photo style
Candide and relax photo style
Hen party photo green park
Hen party game idea Green Park London
Hen party image Green Park London
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Hen party photography london
Hen party photographer london
Hen do photographer london
Hen Party Photographer London
hen do party portrait
storyteller Hen party photography
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Event photography
Photograph as the event unfolds
hen party portrait with policeman
hen party portrait with policeman
Candide and relax hen party photo style
Hen do photography London
Hen party photographer
Hen Party Photographer London

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